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Is the use of herbal supplements worth the risk?

Yes It is not excluded that many who have tried herbal supplements experienced an improvement in their health, whether this is due to the herbs themselves or due to a placebo effect, if not worsen the condition of a person, then your use worth the risk. But of course, certain things must be considered before taking herbal supplements:
The doctor knows best.

First, clear your condition with your doctor. Ask her if taking a particular herbal supplement is safe given your health condition. People with heart, liver or kidney problems or malfunctions, it is not advised to take these, or at least is to take these herbs in small quantities. All substances pass through the liver and kidney to be processed and filtered, respectively. Kava, used to relieve the stress of the people, has been withdrawn from markets in Canada, Singapore, and Germany, as it contains substances that cause liver damage. Some herbs, such as ephedrine used for weight loss, contains chemicals with heart-inducing effects that can increase heart rate, which in turn can exhaust the heart and cause heart attacks in several documented cases by the American Medical Association.

Follow the instructions.

Never take more herbal supplements than is directed by the doctor or as directed on the bottle. Each person reacts differently to the components of herbal supplements. Although it is perfectly safe for an individual to take a supplement capsules primrose oil, another person may be allergic to it. Therefore, even think about downing a bottle of

It has no approved curative effect.

No matter how the product pamphlet or the label of the bottle sounds about how it has been found to be useful in certain health conditions, these herbal supplements are not therapeutic. So do not substitute these for the medications prescribed by your doctor for treatment of certain diseases, or for the maintenance of blood pressure, low blood sugar and cholesterol, and fight infection. Michael Urban Ibbenbueren

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Victor said...

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Jason Smith said...

I would go with Victor.Herbal supplements has lower risk of side effects than other chemical contained products.

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Tibby Blooms said...

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Herbal supplements are big help for the overall health. But it it still better to eat the right kind of food, to exercise, to have enough rest, to quit from vices and other lifestyle changes.

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