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Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

If you accept the analogy that our bodies are like an engine, then it follows that this engine will perform better if you have the type of fuel that is designed to run. In years past, before artificially processed and manufactured foods, our bodies normally receive proper nutritional balance every day.

As more and more families were husband and wife holding jobs outside the home, the dynamics of food, exercise and nutrition began to change. "Convenience" and "fast food" became the norm, and farms were gradually replaced by the processing plants. Today, average food is so laden with artificial preservatives and saturated fats that our bodies are starving for the ingredients they need, and brimming with ingredients that are not needed.

This nutritional imbalance is manifested in weight problems, skin problems, tiredness, illness and poor general health. Although this problem has reached pandemic proportions, you can reverse the effects of a diet low in his own life, if you really want.

In the trash - garbage out

Although this sentence could have been coined by the computer industry is very important when it comes to our own body. Every moment we are alive, our body is busy manufacturing chemicals, liquids, proteins, and tissues that are necessary to stay healthy. Food, or rather the power that comes from food, is what the body depends on to handle all these tasks.

Everything we consume is used, stored or discarded by the body. The body needs a special diet can vary widely depending on what is happening inside and outside of us at one time. Our body makes decisions on whether to burn carbs or fat based on our immediate energy needs, how much time has passed since our last meal, and the general state of our health.

The body burns fuel in a very specific order. Alcohol is burned first because our bodies have no way of storing for later use. The protein is burned is carbohydrates, then, and finally fat.

Because fat is consumed past, and the average person has a high fat diet, the body store fat far from being used in the future. How is this stored fat? You guessed it, is stored as fat tissue. And that's why we call overweight "fat."

These deposits of excess fat does not just affect our appearance, but have a tremendous impact on our overall health. Study after study has shown that excess fat in our diet is directly related to these conditions:

* Increased risk of developing certain cancers.
* Increased risk of arterial disease and heart due to high cholesterol levels.
* Increased risk of stroke.
* Increased risk of diabetes.
* Increased risk of liver disease.
* Direct impact on the body's immune system.

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