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Create a Powerful Chest

Exercises for the chest alone will not remove your overall body fat. You must remember that resistance training and nutrition should also be part of your routine.The Routine will be change according yours require.But At present Please follow following steps.we can starts routine from following Steps:-

Sets : Create a Powerful Chest
Chest Hack No.1 - Flat Bench Press

Usually done with dumbbells or a barbell, flat bench press is the best way to work your chest muscle. Do not ever use the Smith machine for bench press! Stick to free weights. It is also very important to have a spotter to make sure your form is correct. When your elbows are locked, lower the barbell to your nipples and up again. Don’t even do them half way, I always laugh at people that do them and wonder why their chest don’t grow.

Chest Hack No.2 - Incline Bench Press
Similar to the flat bench press, the only difference is that the bench should be in an inclined state. Incline bench press targets the muscle at the upper chest. As the flat bench press only targets the lower area, doing the incline bench press helps balance the growth of your chest.

Chest Hack No.3 - Incline Dumbbell Press
Again, this is similar to a incline bench press except that you are using dumbbells instead of a barbell. This will also target the upper portion of your chest muscles.

Chest Hack No.4 - Dumbbell Fly
This is done by lying on the bench while holding dumbbells at arms length with a little bend at the elbow and then raising them to the top. This exercise is also very helpful in helping you attain that powerful chest you ever wanted.

Chest Hack No.5 - Incline Dumbbell Fly
Similar to the dumbbell fly, the only difference is that the bench should be in an inclined state. This exercise not only targets the chest, it also works your upper body muscles.

There are actually much more exercises for the chest. However, this 5 is enough to let your attain the chest you always wanted. But remember to always take note of your form, nutrition and rest.

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manas said...

i like it superb dude

brightongym said...

great..only exercise can burn fats, health gym users surely knows this

Anthoney said...

Hi Sandy,
Great exercises for powerful chest and must be of great help for those who are working on chest these days. Like to add push ups, chest dips and cable crossovers in the list also.
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Huy Nguyen said...

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